Now it's only 2 weeks left of this semester. I've handed in my rapport about depth migration and I had a little exam in treating the signals u get on the computer, with a program called Seismic Unix. Now it's only holding a 15 minuts lecture about gas hydrates left, and maybe a little oral exam, all this in french, and then I'm ready for Australia!

This is my classmates in master 2. (as you all know, I take classes in both master 1 and master 2)
Left to right; Chukwudum from Nigeria, Gilbert from Gabon, Audrey from La Rochelle, France and me. This is from a field excursion. 
These ones from master 2 are going to work for companies (mainly Total) or doing research next semester. (That include Daniel from France too.)
So then my classmates will be Livinus and Nelson from Nigeria and Martin from The republic of Sentral Africa.

But now I have to go and get ready to "Julebord". A big party at a hotel in Barege with the norvegians here in Pau. But first we go skiing in the Pyrenees. I really look forward to it. Will be nice to speak norwegian again.
Well, Friday, one week ago, I ate dinner with Ottar Skjerve. Really nice. And I finally got to taste Foie Gras. ;) 

Postet av: Inger

Hper du hadde det trivelig p julebordet. Ottar Skjerve heter broren til Inger. Ser fram til snakke med deg. Ha det godt s lenge. Klem. mamma

06.12.2004 @ 18:38
Postet av: Elisabeth

Hei, hei! Begynne bli litt smgal av det her billett-styret, . m bestill snart, fr alt gr i surr... Trur ansett flyr rett t Pau, men oppdaga at det va billiger m SAS, men m mellomland i Oalo,da. Og dra en dag seiner... M forske litt mer... Sneiks! Elisabeth

12.12.2004 @ 18:35

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