Last week I went home to my familly and friends. Really nice to see everybody again, especially Thea Sofie. 

Saturday, 23.10.04, I went by plane via Paris and Amsterdam to Trondheim. I had to wait for 8 hours in Paris, but luckily Tonje (like in Tonje that I met i Grenoble) came to the airport and kept me company for some hours. :)  

My first sunday I spent with my dad. He made me "Raspeball". A typical norwegian dish. Made of potatoes and with pieces of meat inside the balls. Delicious!
Here u can see my sister, brother, dad and Rita ready to dig in.

I met many of my friends and had a great party the last friday. Really enjoyed my stay back home.
But tho one who got the most attention was little Thea Sofie.
Here is Thea Sofie and aunt Katharina. 

I went back to Pau Monday 01.11.
I'm probably not going home to Norway before June.
Thea Sofie will be a big girl then...


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