A new semester

Hi everybody!

Sorry, I've been very lazy lately. It's been a long time since I updated my weblogg. This semester I hopefully can upload my photos from the computer here in the appartment.

Finished all my exams in the middel of January. Then Jogeir was here a couple of weeks (you can see his photos on his weblogg) and then I've been working on applications for finding a summerjob next summer and writing a raport back home to my university in Trondheim. But from now on I hopefully have more time to write on my weblogg. And even put out some photos... :)


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Gle m te kom te Pau. Klem mamma

14.02.2005 @ 00:49
Postet av: Pappa

Hei Katharina.Bra at du er p webloggen din igjen. Har savnet oppdateringer p hva du holder p med og hvordan du har det. Gikk det bra p eksamenane?

18.02.2005 @ 14:43

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