Mountaintrip in the Pyrenees

Saturday 9. October Marta, Michelle and I got up early to go to the Pyrenees. We went with SUAP who is a sports-group at the school. I must say, it was quite a hard trip, but then again very beautiful! The weather was perfect and you could see tops all out to the horizon. I felt like queen of the world when I was on the top; Pic du Midi d'Ossau. I will compare this mountaintrip with the one on Slogen (Norway). 
After 8 hours walking we came back to the bus which waited for us in vallee d'Ossau. A perfect day!
I hope to go on another mountaintrip like this when the snow melts. 

Queen Katharina on the top

Me on my way up.
Look at those beautiful colours.

Postet av: Johannes

Det ser verkeleg flott ut i Pyreneene. Skulle gjerne hatt meg ein tur og beskt deg, men det vert Australia i frste omgong.Men ein gong skal eg dit, og d kan du gi gode rd om turer ol reknar eg med. Kva er beste tida reise p? Du nemnde sn, her hadde vi 1,22 m sist veke, men det har heldigvis minka mykje siste dagane.

28.11.2004 @ 19:10

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