It's been very quiet here lately... It's acctually been 5 months since I wrote something here... Sorry..

Since I came back from France, I've been working at Statoil in Stjørdal (even been off-shore for 4 days!!). Then I went 12 days to Svalbard far far north... doing geology
Then 2 weeks at home where I started working on my semester-project...(will give me 15 ECTS...)
Then 10 days in the Pyrenees in Spain (Ainsa) doing some more geology and some geophysics... very nice (spent 5 hours in Amsterdam and 1 day in Barcelona too..)
Since then I've been taking a class of petroleum geology and working on my project..(seismic interpretation)

Now it's only a month till everything this semester is finished... The report, the exam...

And then after Christmas I have to start on my diploma... We'll see how that goes...

If you want to see some photos from my trips and some parties this semester, you can go to the following page:


Hugs and kisses,


Thea Sofie the cutest in the world!


Better late than never...

Hi everyone!

Now I'm back from France. It's weird because everything is so normal. It seems like I've never been gone. But I have....

I've started my summerjob at Statoil, a norvegian oil-company. There I'm doing a project with simulation. It's very challenging but fun!

Thea Sofie has become a big, big girl. She's the cutest in the world! She's so funny when she dances and smiling. :)