one more little thing

I'm going home 23 of October until 1 of November, so hope to meet as many as possible!


One thing I have learned here in France is to have patience. Things take time!!!
Today I've finally got my studentcard. I've been trying to get it since I came here! But now I am an Erasmus-student at UPPA! After going from office to office and speaking to loads of different people who are not sure of how things work with me. Today I had an appointment at 14:45. 16:30 I got my card after waiting most of the time but also running to and from some offices...
Well, well got to get used to it....

But also I am sorry for not putting more photos on my site. It's a practical problem; can't reach the USB-ports on these machines here at the residence. Hopefully that won't be a problem when I move to the appartment. I'm afraid I have to ask for your patience....

I love recieving comments and e-mails! Lightens my day! :-)

And a last thing: I've bought a new french mobilephone today! Siemens c62.
My french number is: 0627483594 (add 0033 and skip the 0 in front of the number if you call from other countries than France)

That's all, folks!
Looking forward to hear from everybody!!!

Starting school

This monday I had my first class here at Universit de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour (UPPA). It went surprisingly well! I understood most of what the professor was saying. But I think that was because he was speaking about things I knew before. It was only an introduction and I think it is the easiest cours I'm taking here. So I'm expecting it to be worse. I'm at school every day and each lesson lasts for 90 minutes. That is a long time concentraiting! And usually I have two lessons per day. So it's 3 hours with cours with only a 10 minute break between the lessons. But Friday is hard! 5 lessons wich all last for 90 minutes! That makes 7 hours and 30 minutes with courses and not much break in between. Have a lunch break that last for 1 hour though.
But the time table changes for every week I think, so hopefully it wont be like this every week.
I like it better and better here in Pau. Are getting used to this horrible residence too.
But I am moving to an appartment with a french girl in October. Really nice appartment with internet and tv and a proper kitchen and balcony. And it is close to the university and centre ville (the city center). But it is much more expensive than here.
I have got my new adress so if anyone want to send me a letter or something they can do it to this adress:

Katharina Svee
33 rue Guynemer
64000 Pau


Hi everybody!

Now I'm in Pau and have been here for some days too (since friday), but I have'nt had access to internet. It has been some boring days. Its hard to get to know people, but yesterday I finally spoke with people in my hall. Some arabian boys, some french boys and one canadien girl. There is at least two more girls in my hall. 

Almost everything is arranged for me to start school now ( I start next monday). Today I am going to get my student card and then I can open a french banc account and go to internet at school. I'm not sure if I'm going to stay here in this residence or not. I'm going to look at an appartment today. Hopefully it will be nice, but it costs three times what I am paying here.
My room here is about 10 m^2, I share 4 toilets, 3 showers and 1 little kitchen with 35 other rooms. It was much better standard in Berlioz in Grenobel.

But I think I will like it here in Pau when school starts and I get more friends. Right now I really miss all my friends from Grenobel and my dear ones at home. (and the one in Australia ;))

Love from Katharina


Here I am in Switzerland with my dear aunt Aashild. She has helped me a lot with organising my next stay in Pau. Today I have bought train tickets for Pau. I leave tomorrow night and will be in Pau friday morning. We've been speaking with a nice lady in Pau that has helped me to get a room in a residence on campus. I hope it will be okey. So friday I will speak with professors to find a time-tabel for me. Still a lot to arrange, but it can wait till I arrive in Pau.

I have finally managed to download some photos from Grenobel:

outside the residence        some of my good friends     Haavard eating a
                                                                                  better lunsj in Lyon  

Hande and Andrea      stalagtites and stalagmites    me and Hvard in Lyon
(turqish and italian)

 international soire     in the kitchen; Maria and Asgeir,     There you go Orion;
                                  Orion and an english guy,                you and Patricia drunk  
                                  and smund, Tonje and Hvard     at the disco... ;)

me and Maria                  Orion (Belgium)        
from Mexico                    and Maria                  
Tonje and Hande               A small village in the Vercors
with the bastille
in the background
(norvegian and turquish)