My roommates!

me, Aioli and Anais


Now I'm home and I've finally met Thea Sofie again who has grown into a big little girl!


Today I have been to the doctor for a medical check. Everything was fine, so I got my medical attest that I need for practising any sport here at the university.
So after the appointment I went to sign up for a trip in the Pyrenees this week-end and I'm planning to start climbing; starting tonight.

My flight back home was canselled by the travel agency, but now everything should be okey, so I'm still coming home the 23. october.

And I still can't put more photos on my site because of the USB-problem. This machine have only windows 98 so I can't get my USB-disk working. But I will work on it and hopefully one day the rest of my photos will appear on this site. I'm sorry that I have deleted some of the photos. It was an accident. I will reinstall them as soon as I can.