Safe and sound in Australia

After 30 hours with travel (included some waiting), I finally reached Sydney. Just 
a little problem; I didn't get my luggage. It was still in Hong Kong. The reason is probably that the plane was delayed from Paris, and that we didn't reach the plane to Sydney. But no problem; they sent me and about 30 others to Sydney with an other airline, Quantas, only 50 minutes later than the one we lost. And we arrived in Sydney only 20 minutes late. But I think I was the last person to leave the airport because of the problems with the luggage. Poor Jogeir, he had to wait for about an hour, long after the rest had left.

Now we're enjoying the summer in Australia. Have done some shopping, cause I didn't have any clothes for a couple of days. It finally arrived this afternoon. We've already been in Sydney and seen the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. We're planning to spend Christmas Eve in Sydney with a nice dinner at a friends house, and maybe a party, we'll see. 

We have a lot on the program; concert, beach, blue mountains, animal parks, shopping etc.... enjoying life ..

(I'm sure we will! ;))


Incredible how fast this semester has gone. Now it's already Christmas.

I've packed my bags and are ready to go to Australia, to my dear one. I really look forward to see him again and to experience Australia.
I've packed down all my school-books, cause I really have to read some to my exams after Christmas. I have exams; 05.01  (14-16), 06.01 (9-12) and (14-16), 07.01 (14-17), 10.01 (9.30-12.30) and (14-16). I also have one more exam, but I don't know when yet.  It will be hard, but it have to go.
Jogeir comes the 8th or 9th so he can comfort me. ;)

But now I'm just going to sleep a bit and then off I go!


Party in Pau

I found this photo from the beginning here in Pau.

Here we see: Adnane (Marocco), Sarah (Spain), Romain (France), ...(...Africa), Saud (Libanon) and the friend of Sarah from Spain (she studies in Toulouse this year).

If you ask for a beer here in france, you only get a half one (25 cl), but it's actually a suitable size for a beer. 


It's a long time since 12.09.2004 now, but that was the sunday Marta, Michelle and I went to St-Jean-de-Luz  to meet Orion (that I met in Grenoble). St-Jean-de-Luz is close to Biarritz on the coast south-west in France. It was a wonderful day. We took the train for 2 hours to get there.

me and Orion.

We lay on the beach almost all day.

on the beach.

Michelle and Marta is getting a tan.

We had a super day on the beach, and it was really nice to meet Orion again.
And I also got to know Marta and Michelle better. (lucky me...;))

Now I hope for more days like this in Australia... ;)


Now it's only 2 weeks left of this semester. I've handed in my rapport about depth migration and I had a little exam in treating the signals u get on the computer, with a program called Seismic Unix. Now it's only holding a 15 minuts lecture about gas hydrates left, and maybe a little oral exam, all this in french, and then I'm ready for Australia!

This is my classmates in master 2. (as you all know, I take classes in both master 1 and master 2)
Left to right; Chukwudum from Nigeria, Gilbert from Gabon, Audrey from La Rochelle, France and me. This is from a field excursion. 
These ones from master 2 are going to work for companies (mainly Total) or doing research next semester. (That include Daniel from France too.)
So then my classmates will be Livinus and Nelson from Nigeria and Martin from The republic of Sentral Africa.

But now I have to go and get ready to "Julebord". A big party at a hotel in Barege with the norvegians here in Pau. But first we go skiing in the Pyrenees. I really look forward to it. Will be nice to speak norwegian again.
Well, Friday, one week ago, I ate dinner with Ottar Skjerve. Really nice. And I finally got to taste Foie Gras. ;)